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19 июля 2012

Ukraine 2012 Travel Market: exotic and skiing

Three months before the start of the 19th International Travel Market Ukraine 2012, its organisers named three key areas of the main autumn tourist exhibition of the country. Exotic holidays, ski resorts and the growing interest in domestic tourism are the main characteristics of the season.

The October exhibition is going to widely represent exotic, winter recreation and incoming tourism. Ski, snowboarding and luge fans will have to choose, whether to spend their snowy holidays for offers of local tour operators, including Bukovel ski school, or go to Turkish, Polish, Slovak and Finnish ski resorts. Exotic travels are represented by Mexico, Argentina, Nepal, etc. Indian tour offers increased significantly. Those who prefer to escape from winter to summer and "warm their bones" on the beaches, will have an opportunity to look through tours to Egypt, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Seychelles, the Maldives, Dominican Republic, etc.

Undoubted success of the presentation of Ukraine as Euro 2012 host roused the continent and the world at large wave of interest in incoming tourism. This market segment has shown a steady trend of growth. Recall, according to the Ukrainian information center of Euro 2012, foreign fans have spent in Ukraine about $1 bln. Some 70 new hotels opened or will open by year's end, and six world's leading hotel chains are there, especially Fairmont, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Ibis, Park Inn, Sheraton. 2,200 km of new roads were built, and 4000 km more were repaired. New tours and hiking trails have appeared both in Euro host cities, as well as in traditionally tourist regions. Therefore, Ukrainian tour operators of inbound tourism naturally expect a 25-30% increase in tourist traffic.

By 20 July Travel Market exhibition area is booked more than 70%. October, 11-13, International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv will host national tourist organisations stands of Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Egypt, Finland, Hungary, India, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Palestine, Poland, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, etc. After several years the Dominican Republic stand returns to the ITM.

The newcomers to the exhibition are tour companies Caper Travel (India), Let's go Maldives, Resort Life Maldives (Maldives), Sun Travel & Tours, Neptur (Nepal tour operator) and Fun WayHolidays (Ukraine), Labana Travel, etc. They will join such ITM residents as A.E.T., Join Up!, Pegas Touristik, Anex Tour, Siesta, SAM Travel Company, Mouzinidis Travel, At Travel, Asna Travel, Open Up, Air Arabia, IT-tour, Focus Travel Vietnam, 7 South - Seychelles, Larus Viaggi, Air Logistics Life and many others.

Travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, cruise lines, insurance companies, hotel chains, companies engaged in consulting services in tourism, selection and training of personnel, software developers for booking tours, hotels, buy tickets online traditionally participate in the Ukraine 2012 ITM.

The 19th International Travel Market Ukraine 2012 will be held from 11 to 13 October 2012 at the International Exhibition Centre (Brovarsky Ave, 15, Livoberezhna Metro).

The first two days Travel Market traditionally goes in b2b format for comfortable communications of tour operators and travel agents. On Saturday, October 13, the exhibition will open its doors to tourists.

The exhibition is organised by ITE Group Plc (UK) and Premier Expo (Ukraine) and under official support of the State Service for Tourism and Resorts of Ukraine. UITM is a member of ITTFA and UNWTO.

Regarding, Ukraine 2011 International Travel Market was attended by over 600 companies from 40 countries: Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Brazil, Britain, Hungary, Vietnam, Georgia, Greece, Egypt, Israel, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, China, Lithuania, Maldives, Mexico, Netherlands, UAE, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Russia, Seychelles, Slovakia, USA, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey , Ukraine, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, etc. The total number of visitors in 2011 was 24,826 people.

You can find more information on the official website www.ukraine-itm.com.ua.

For participation, please contact Zhаnna Rudenko:

Tеl. :+ 380 44 4968645 (ext.243) Fax:+ 380 44 4968646 e-mail: Z.Rudenko@pe.com.ua

4 октября 2017

Международная туристическая выставка UITM 2017 - официально открыта!

На официальном открытии главного туристического события сезона, традиционно присутствовали представители государственного сектора, международных...
19 июля 2012

Турсалон «Україна 2012»: екзотика та лижі

За три місяці до старту 19-го Міжнародного туристичного сезону «Україна 2012», організатори назвали три ключові напрямки розвитку головної...
19 июля 2012

Турсалон «Украина 2012»: экзотика и лыжи

Сегодня, за три месяца до старта 19-го Международного туристического сезона «Украина 2012», организаторы назвали три ключевых направления развития...
10 мая 2012

SIA’2012: премьеры новых моделей и брендов

Все участники Киевского международного автосалона SIA'2012 готовы представить украинские премьеры новых моделей и брендов автомобилей.
2 мая 2012

SIA’2012 представит украинскому рынку новые модели и бренды

В экспозиции Киевского автосалона будут представлены не только новые и обновленные модели известных марок, но и бренды-новички украинского рынка.
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