АДРЕСА ОФІСУ «Прем'єр Експо» : Україна, 04071, м. Київ, вул. Верхній Вал, №4а
+38 (044) 496-86-45 (багатоканальний)


АДРЕСА ОФІСУ «Прем'єр Експо» : Україна, 04071, м. Київ, вул. Верхній Вал, №4а
+38 (044) 496-86-45 (багатоканальний)

Premier Expo Company organizes highly professional B2B exhibitions in a variety of areas such as industrial, healthcare, food, travelling, beauty etc.

Our team of like-minded professionals is working daily to improve the quality of our services. We help them run their business more successfully by creating close business relationships with professional exhibitors.

Our company takes care of its staff, creates comfortable working conditions in a cozy office, provides opportunities for professional development and generation of creative ideas.

Working in Premier Expo means:

✓ International company – confidence in tomorrow

✓ Teamwork to achieve a common goal

✓ Interesting tasks and vivid emotions

✓ Professional and career growth

✓ Results recognition programs

✓ Comfortable working conditions

✓ Help for the society

✓ Career in an exciting and dynamic industry

Welcome to Premier Expo!


Victoria Kovalenko

Head of the Bayer Division

I love my work for constant development, new tasks and drive. For my favorite projects, our clients, our team of professionals and the result we achieve in the finals of a crazy exhibition race.


Oleksii Volkomorov

Technical Organization Manager

For over 10 years, the company has become my second home. That is why it is so important that each of us goes to work with pleasure and returns home with equal pleasure in the evening. This is where I found this balance.


Olena Sverbiy

Conference Manager

Being a member of Premier Expo is about being a member of a single team. Every employee is important to the company and each realizes the significance of his or her work to the overall goal. Everyone is heard and everyone`s opinion is appreciated.


Bogdana Mayevska

Marketing Manager

I love my job for the opportunity to do my favourite activity, for invaluable experience and continuous development and, of course, for a constant festivity!


Viktoria Shulgina

Sales manager

I love my job for its dynamic and sometimes unpredictable nature. The best appreciations of my work are words of gratitude from the exhibitors.


Tetiana Pohorila

Exhibition Coordinator

I love my job, because my team is people living their work and charging me and the whole stuff with this energy. These are professionals and experts of the market, brands, trends, novelties.

In the company, our stuff especially appreciates


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Have you got any questions? Our HR department can help.

1. What is the working schedule in the company?

2. Is it an official employment and is it from the first working day?

3. What is the probationary period?

4. Do you have a training program for newcomers?

5. Is a career growth possible?

6. Are the training for the personnel held?

7. How many interviews are usually held?

If you are interested in any vacancy, and you meet all the stated requirements, as well as you are ready to devote a great deal of your time to work in our company, feel free to send us your CV.

If there are no available vacancies, we are always ready for discussion.

Please, send your CV to the email address: HR@pe.com.ua.